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A flame hydrant is a vertical steel pipe with an outlet, near which two flame hoses are put away (A flame hydrant is known as a standpipe in America). Amid a flame, firemen will go to the outlet, tear open the hoses, append one to the outlet, and physically open it with the goal that water surges out of the spout of the hose. The amount and speed of the water are great to the point that it can thump over the fireman holding the hose on the off chance that he isn't remaining in the right way. When the fireman opens the hydrant, water will spout out, and sensors will identify a drop in weight in the framework. This drop in weight will trigger the flame siphons to turn on and begin siphoning water at a colossal flowrate.


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fire fighting system In india

A sprinkler is a spout appended to a system of funnels and introduced just beneath the roof of a room. Each sprinkler has a little glass globule with fluid in it. This knob typically obstructs the stream of water. In a flame, the fluid in the globule will wind up hot.

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